Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

The website primeautosjapan.com is owned and operated by the Prime Autos Japan The term ‘PAJ’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

Trading terms and conditions

About Prime Autos Japan

Used Japanese car trading by sharing vehicle photos, information, prices and empowering only the account holders to place orders for vehicle to be exported from Japan. Prime Autos Japan does not and cannot provide any warranty for the vehicles qualified by JEVIC inspection – we consider the consignment of certified vehicles as our final products.

Account holders

A. By placing an order, the account holder poses their acceptance of terms and conditions below. Distribution, modification, or publication of any material including Invoice, Bill of Lading (BL), Jevic Certificate) JC) and Export Certificate. Using or trying to use any material published on the website of Prime Autos Japan for creating any website or publications or searchable database; mirroring or framing any website or page within the Prime Autos Japan. Using any automated process of any sort of query, accessing, retrieving, scraping and data-mining or copying any material on Prime Autos Japan or generating or compiling any document, index or database based on the material published on Prime Autos Japan. Transferring or selling any information, functionality or products or services offered on Prime Autos Japan. Undertaking any other action that is violated according to these terms and conditions (or other terms and conditions and policies mentioned in these terms and conditions) or any applicable law.

B. In case of any violating activity, Prime Autos Japan has a right to terminate you to access and use the Prime Autos Japan at any time. You are responsible for the usage of your Prime Autos Japan. It is your responsibility to keep your username and password secure and accessible to Prime Autos Japan and refrain giving it to any.



Account holders shall pay to Prime Autos Japan the agreed price for the vehicle on or beforehand of their due date, which shall be 7 days from the date of invoice unless informed. Time of the payment is of the essence.

An initial deposit is required from the customers ( Account holders ) when they deposit-first option as agreed with Prime Autos Japan within 7 days after the invoice has been issued . Customers (Account Holders) will solely be responsible for ensuring that balance has been paid 2 weeks prior the arrival of the vehicle to the designated port. Should the Customers (Account Holders) opt to cancel the Agreement, Customers (Account Holders) will be obliged to pay a cancellation fee of 10% out of agreed C&F price.
When an amount due has not been received fully from Customers (Account Holders) within a week time, starting from the date of agreed payment, Prime Autos Japan has a right to:

A. Customers (Account Holders) will be charged with a cancellation fee on any unpaid amount.

B. Suspend all the documents (Including without limiting the services provided) to Prime Autos Japan to any kind of agreement with Prime Autos Japan until the time payment has received.
Entire payment is payable to Prime Autos Japan unless you are informed. Prime Autos Japan reserves the right to assess the amount of any credit prolonged to the Customers (Account Holders) in their sole will and Prime Autos Japan is allowed to withdraw credit amenities from Customers (Account Holders) at any time.

C. All payments processed to Prime Autos Japan in the name of the Customers (Account Holders), will be measured as money accounted to Customers (Account Holders) with the consent of the prior communication between Customers (Account Holders) and Delights via phone or email

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