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  • Inspection

    A team of experts inspect your selected vehicle.

  • Paint Job

    Touch-ups and paint jobs can be done upon request.

  • Vehicle Cleaning

    Interior & exterior cleaning can be done upon request.

  • Oil Change

    You can get a free engine oil change after purchase.

  • Updated Pictures

    You can request updated pictures of the slected vehicle.

Used Car Custom Regulations & Import Duties in Srilanka

  • Generally used vehicles are shipped to the maritime port of Colombo and Hambantota.
  • Age of used cars imported should be under 2 years, whereas vehicles (vans and dual purpose) should not be more than 5 years old.
  • Importation of only Right-Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles is allowed in Sri Lanka.
  • All Japanese used vehicles imported to Sri Lanka must be JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) certified for roadworthiness.

The main documents required while importing the used cars in Srilanka are as follows :-

  • Export certificate

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Bill of Lading

  • Inspection Certificate (if mandatory)

According to the requirements and directions of the regulatory authorities in Sri Lanka, it is mandatory to have an inspection conducted by JEVIC which includes Odometer Verification along with physical inspection before getting the car shipped from Japan. The pre-shipment JEVIC inspection is mandatory for cars imported in Sri Lanka, otherwise a penalty must be paid on port. The JEVIC inspection costs $250 for cars exported to Sri Lanka from Japan.

Not only this, a team of experts at Prime Autos Japan also inspects your vehicle and ensures that the car matches the description and pictures provided to you before the sale. We tend to inform you about all the discrepancies (if any) so that they are well aware regarding the vehicle that you selected.

Also, the team inspects the car to make sure that the vehicle complies with the standards set by JEVIC before requesting an official inspection by JEVIC on your behalf. This helps in ensuring that the fee that you need to pay for JEVIC inspection is not wasted and the vehicle can be screened-out if it doesn’t comply with the JEVIC standards before the inspection.

Generally used vehicles are shipped to the maritime port of Colombo and Hambantota.


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