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  • Inspection

    A team of experts inspect your selected vehicle.

  • Paint Job

    Touch-ups and paint jobs can be done upon request.

  • Vehicle Cleaning

    Interior & exterior cleaning can be done upon request.

  • Oil Change

    You can get a free engine oil change after purchase.

  • Updated Pictures

    You can request updated pictures of the slected vehicle.

Used Car Custom Regulations & Import Duties in NEW ZEALAND

  • Vehicle can be shipped to all major Ports in New Zealand such as Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttleton, Welington.

  • Due to changes in emission standards, as of January 1st, 2012, vehicles imported into New Zealand should not be manufactured earlier than 2005.

  • JEVIC and Quarantine service (MAF Biosecurity) inspection are required to be done in Japan before importing the car in New Zealand from Japan. Used vehicles from Japan, before being used should pass through biosecurity clearance as they can carry a number of biosecurity contaminants, including high risk pest species like Lymantria dispar (Asian gypsy moth).

The main documents required while importing the used cars in New Zealand are as follows :-

  • Export certificate

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Bill of Lading

  • Inspection Certificate (if mandatory)

Cars imported to New Zealand do not require pre shipment inspection by third party agencies, but the car is inspected after it has reached the port. Two government authorities are concerned with the import of used vehicles in New Zealand MAF and NZTA. All used motor vehicles are subject to a quarantine inspection on arrival by an inspector of MAF Biosecurity. If the vehicle is found to be contaminated with soil, plant material or animal material, it will require cleaning sufficient to remove the contaminant. The importer is responsible for any charges for inspection and cleaning (if required). NZTA ensures that the cars imported into New Zealand Territory are up to the standards in terms of fuel consumption, vehicle exhaust noise and exhaust emissions.

Prime Autos Japan provides quality services while importing used cars to its customers around the world keeping them away from major hassles of import.

Vehicle can be shipped to all major Ports in New Zealand such as Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttleton & Welington.


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