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" I am very happy from the time I’ve received my Ford Mustang. I enjoy it every time I go for a drive. I’m very thankful to Prime Autos Japan’s sales agent, who helped me throughout from the beginning until I received my car. Great job done! "

Ashley Robb D R Congo

Customer Reviews

" It’s been three years us working together, and till now I have never encountered any inconvenience from Prime Autos Japan. They deal in high-grade vehicles at completely low rates. "

Suleyman South Sudan

Customer Reviews

" It was a good experience doing business with Prime Autos Japan. They assure the security of the money and the vehicle during the shipment. Great job team! "

Ephraim zambia

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Options to Get Your Car Shipped

Domestic Dockyard Locations

Prime Autos Japan has dockyards located all over Japan. We try to give the lowest and most feasible shipping rates to our customers ensuring fast vehicle transport. With the availability of domestic dockyards, we have easy access and strong control over the transport of our vehicles. Our ideal locations of dockyards and operations give our customers the bonus of reduced costs in general, making their buying process easy and convenient at the same time.



  • OSAKA:

    With a population of over 5 million people, Osaka is Japan's second largest city. With time and geographical advantage Osaka has become Asia's major trade port.

    Osaka Port


    The port and city of Yokohama are at a geographical advantage that can offer efficiency to your operation.

    Yokohama Port


    The port of Hakata located in the city of Fukuoka, has been developing as a hub for international trading since ancient times and has been an important harbor city for centuries.

    HAKATA Port

  • KOBE:

    A scenic port city featuring a lush green backdrop of the Rokko Mountains and amusement districts. Kobe is known as a city of international commerce after the port was opened to external trade.

    KOBE Port

Different Shipping Methods for Our Customers

Prime Autos Japan provides its customers with shipping services across the world ensuring the safety of each and every vehicle that is ordered, we use two different types of shipping methods:


Roll-on and roll-off shipment is the most effective way to ship your vehicle to destinations around the world. RORO ships are specially designed to carry wheeled shipment, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars that are driven on and off by the workers.

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Containerization is a common way of commercial intermodal cargo transport. A container ship’s size is measured in twenty-foot equivalent units. Typical loads are a mix of 20-foot and 40-foot ISO-standard containers.

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