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Our stocks are updated on daily basis. The latest stock is added every morning, at 9am, Japan time.

Prime Autos Japan employs professional buyers having years of experience of selecting, inspecting and buying cars in Japan. These professionals are designated to select only the top quality cars offered at certified Japanese auction houses, authentic Japanese car dealers and from reliable car markets all over Japan. They select only the best quality cars and utilizing their extensive experience, buy these cars at the most affordable rates possible so that our customers can get their preferred cars in their budget.

Please visit your country’s appropriate government authorities, for pre-export inspections lists and export regulations.
When importing a vehicle, it is highly recommended, you should calculate the risk and responsibilities involved as a vehicle importer.

Most of our staff speaks fluent English. We also have employees who can speak other languages so that our customers who cannot speak English are catered with utmost convenience.

The FOB price (or Freight On Board) is the actual cost of the vehicle, excluding shipping, taxes and all duties that might be applicable on vehicle import. The Prime Autos Japan representative can provide you the total price that you would have to pay to get the car shipped from Japan to your desired port. The price quoted by the representative will include the FOB, the shipping/freight charges, insurance fee and the inspection fee (the latter two are only applicable if you choose to get insurance and another inspection if required by your country’s import policies).

Once the car reaches your port, you will be liable to get it cleared and all the charges including the duties and taxes that are applicable for the vehicle’s clearance are supposed to be paid by you.

We request you to please contact your local authorities or a clearing agent of your country regarding all the charges that might be applicable on the vehicle that you opt to purchase.

We provide you detailed pictures of every car that is present in our stock. You can see the cars in these pictures and our representatives will provide all the information that you might need to select the car from the stock.

Yes, we do mention the manufactured year of the vehicle, if the information is available. However, we cannot assure you that this information will be available to you with every vehicle as this is provided by the third party. Prime Autos Japan shall not be responsible for any losses, damages and/or troubles caused by this information.

No, our vehicles come with Japanese manual as they are owned and operated in Japan.

It varies from vehicle to vehicle. You need to check the vehicle’s glove compartment for the spare keys. If they are not there, then you will be responsible to make copies when you receive the vehicle.

We tend to maintain a constant inventory of over 10,000 vehicles.

No, it is illegal to change the vehicle’s odometer. Prime Autos Japan does not participate in any illegal activities, regardless of the reason.

Yes, definitely! Please do not hesitate to let us know what you are actually looking for. Our Customer Service Representative will do their best to search the vehicle that best suits your request.

Pro-forma Invoice is the “final estimate” in the form of an invoice, based on the selected vehicle and shipping conditions. Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to receive the Pro-forma Invoice:

1. Fill in the required information in the Request information and click on “Request Information” to send us an inquiry.

2. Once our Customer Service Representative responds to your inquiry, we begin the negotiation procedure.

3. When both, you and Prime Autos Japan reach an agreement on pricing and conditions, you will be notified as such.

4. In the end, you will receive the Pro-forma Invoice.

No, as exporters, we do not sell vehicles for domestic use in Japan.

Please visit our website and select the vehicle you like. After selecting the vehicle you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Fill in all the required information.

2. To receive your free price quote, you need to click on “Request Information”.

We accept payment in U.S dollars. However, under certain conditions, we do accept Japanese Yen.

We accept payments via bank wire transfers as of now. For further detailed information, please contact our customer representative.

No, we are not authorized to provide receipts from our end. The bank remittance provides an official written record of the payment transaction to both the buyer and seller.

Please allow us at least three (3) business days for your bank remittance to be reflected in our bank account. Whereas, this delay may cause some sort of inconvenience, it is the minimum average amount of time required for interbank transfer.

Pre-export inspection is mandatory prior to exporting the vehicle, for some countries. However, for further details, you need to visit your country’s appropriate government authorities to acquire all required pre-export inspection lists.

It has been stated that, as many countries in the past have not been enforced by this regulation, they are beginning to impose heavy fines for violations. Ensure that the condition of your purchase is inspection inclusive if it is mandatory by your country’s government.

After submitting the payment for transfer at your bank, you are going to receive a “Telegraphic Transfer Copy” (TT Copy) as a proof of your remittance. TT Copy may be replaced by the deposit slip if it us not issued immediately by your bank.

The person who bought the car is responsible for all bank charges. Please confirm these charges with your bank before closing the buying agreement with our customer service representative.

No, we don’t need IBAN Code for Japanese banks. Please instruct your bank to use the Swift Code.

We, as exporters, have no authority to intervene in the decisions of the contracted shipping companies, as these changes are made from their end.

Yes, we do upon request. You need to tell us the specific accessory you want us to install before asking for the Pro-forma Invoice.

A vehicle is “Under offer” when a customer has made the formal offer to buy the vehicle, but the payment made by customer is not yet confirmed by us. If the offer is accepted and payment is confirmed, it is stamped as SOLD and is no more available to the other customers. The vehicle will remain in the inventory and becomes available to the other customers when the offer made is rejected or expires.

You, as an importer, are supposed to receive the following documents:

1. Bill of Lading
2. Insurance Document
3. Export Certificate
4. Commercial Invoice
If your government requires, we will also send you the following:
1. Certificate of inspection
2. Export Permit

In a contract of shipment, the consignee is that person who is financially responsible for the receipt of the shipment.

This is the address you should provide so that we can mail your documents, including your B/L, by DHL courier service.

Absolutely not! Changing any information on the B/L is illegal. Prime Autos Japan does not participate in any sort of illegal activities.

Unfortunately, we do not provide a packing list. However, our invoice can replace it. All the required information are included on the Commercial Invoice.

Yes, you will be able to access the DHL tracking number once your documents are dispatched to you.

It usually takes 24 business hours for the details to sync into your log. The tracking log initiates to provide information, once the package has been physically picked up and scanned into DHL’S system by DHL representative.

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