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Prime Autos Japan offers a wide range of jobs, internships, business development and leadership programs for talented and career-oriented individuals. We encourage fresh graduates and experienced professionals for entry level, mid and senior level positions.

Apply now for the best suitable job and get a chance to enhance your career in the world’s leading auto trading company. Your application will be screened by our recruitment department. Once your profile is approved, you will be lined up for an interview with the respected authority.

Submit your Resume

To apply for a job visit our Current Openings page and briefly apply/submit your resume against the position suitable for you.

Resume Screening

Our recruitment team reviews the profile of all the applicants carefully to match with the
specifications of job in order to find the best suitable applicant.

Telephonic Interview

Shortlisted candidates are briefly interviewed on telephone calls, basic info and skills
are tested on call to evaluate the candidate's confidence in order to save time.

Panel Interview

Finalized candidates who meet the required job criteria are interviewed by our
experienced panel. Here the confidence, willingness, knowledge and
fluency in language of the candidates are assessed.

Job Offer

After the candidate successfully clears the interview he/she is then called for a job offer
session in which the role, duties and responsibilities, career path, promotion process and
salary is discussed in detail. After both parties agree on terms, a new employee is set to join
Prime Autos Japan.

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