Ultimate Winter Weather EV Work In Progress

Electric vehicles are no wonder highly efficient and eco-friendly but its systems can quite often struggle in the cold weather. However, the green-minded drivers in the north side of Japanese island Hokkaido have the perfect electric vehicle which is suitable for areas with cold climates. According to the Japanese Times, altogether eight automakers are working collaboratively to create the perfect model but it is still in the early stage of its process.


Until now, the automakers have a small, one-person EV prototype, but at least it is a sign of progress as to what they are planning to achieve. The vehicle has a rear-wheel drive while driving normally but they lose traction, all-wheel-drive system kicks in. the interior of the EV also features added insulation to retain the heat.


However, there are some features of this EV which makes it even more special but are fairly limited. The translation work of this vehicle is done by Hokkaido EV Research and Development Utilization Project. The vehicle may not be pretty but it is a pretty clear and smooth drive and is known to be the ultimate winter-weather electric vehicle.


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