Tips to Prepare your Car this Winter

  Winter, the season all about joy and fun. It’s the season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, delicious food, along with snow that sometimes turn into harsh weather conditions. You must have started preparing yourself for the season with warm clothes, setting up heaters, planning on precautions so your children stay away from cold and flu, gathering

Importing Used Vehicles to Mozambique

  About Mozambique Mozambique lies in the Southeast of Africa and is officially known as the Republic of Mozambique. Mozambique is basically an agricultural country and is gifted with rich and extensive natural resources. The country’s economy is based largely on agriculture, however, industries like food and beverages, chemical manufacturing, and aluminum and petroleum production

Wash your Car like a Pro at Home

  Owning a car is really expensive as one person invests a lot of money initially at buying the vehicle and then spends on its maintenance and servicing. Used cars have made the purchasing a little economical, however, when it comes to maintenance of the vehicle, professionals demand high money. Prime Autos Japan values our

Car Depreciation

What is Depreciation? You must be very familiar about the word Depreciation, studied at high school or heard when buying any used good. Depreciation is basically the reduction in the value of an asset over a period of time. When we talk of cars, in particular, depreciation is the difference between a car’s value when

Mitsubishi to project Safe and Secure Lighting display in cars to Boost Safety

Japanese Automaker, Mitsubishi announces a new project which they call Safe and Secure Lighting system to boost safety on roads. The concept is about using road-surface projections and car-body displays to inform pedestrians and other drivers about the vehicle’s movements and actions.   According to a research stated by Mitsubishi, “60 percent of pedestrian fatalities