Is Your Car Ready For The Winter Season?

We may not get extreme winter weather conditions but it still gets chilly and cold. Here are a few ways to prepare your car for the chilly winds of winter. The tips are easy, simple, less stressful and safer for the season.  Here is what you need to do:

Check your car battery

If your car battery is five years old, it’s time to replace it. According to AA, 5 years is an average life of a car battery. Visit your local garage to get it checked. Also, don’t forget to check the battery terminals. If there is any corrosion, get it cleaned or have it checked by a professional.

 Clean your windows

Make sure that the windows of your car are clean inside out without any cracks in the glass. The combination of dirt and snow can make driving really difficult in the cold weather.

Clean your lights

Ensure indicators, brake lights and fog lights are all clean so that you know where you are going and people can also see where you are headed.

Tires condition and their fitting

Check your vehicle tires for any fault such as splits or cracks. Moreover, don’t forget to check the tire pressure. If it requires topping up, get them pumped from any gas station. Changing the set of tires for the winter season is actually ideal. New tires give your car a stronger grip which makes driving smooth and safer on wet and chilly roads.

Clean wiper blades

Winter season brings a lot of grime on your windscreen, so make sure that you carefully check the wiper blades for any cracks or splits.

 Don’t forget your phone charger

Avoid any unnecessary fuss and always keep your phone charger with you. You don’t want to run out of your phone battery in the middle of the cold weather. Another lifesaving tip is to jot down your mechanic phone number on a paper and keep it in your car in case your phone isn’t working. At least you’ll have the number to contact and get help.

Get a new car cover

A car cover will keep the fluids in your car from freezing. Car covers aren’t only to protect the exterior of the car, they also keep the interior safe and operational too.

Petty things to do:

Double check the level of the liquid in your vehicle and always keep them full in case of emergencies. The coolant level of your car must be between min and max mark. If the needle is at an extreme end, your vehicle requires a mechanic.

Don’t forget to check the level of oil in your car as it should also be between the min and max mark.

Your vehicle would require more screen wash in winter because of to all the dirt around, so make sure to use proper screen wash instead of just water, to avoid freezing.

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