How To Buy A Used Car From Japan Smartly?

Japan is highly known for being a leading exporter of top quality used cars. With over millions of used cars exported on annual basis, it is a known fact that Japanese used cars are designed to provide maximum comfort, safety, affordability and reliability to its customers.


Car buying is a big decision as the buyer is very cautious of the auto dealers and the important details that might be related to the entire car buying procedure and importation. Here are some key elements that can help buyers buy a Japanese used car of their choice.


The buyer must be aware of the vehicle import rules and regulation of the country in which he is residing. The importer must have full knowledge of the age restriction that is applied on the used cars along with their mileage, type, import duty, engine and other taxes etc.


The importer must look for a reliable Japanese car exporter. The common ways to find a suitable exporter is to search through Google or get in touch with used car associations in Japan.


Deliver your requirements to the maximum dealers and search for the best offer. Send in complete details of your car requirement like make, model, range, color, mileage, drive type, engine capacity, and price.


The exporters will send the best car as per your requirements and you can easily compare the offerings that you get from the exporters. Select the best offer made by the exporter and after making up your mind make sure to check the exporter’s credentials before making the deal.


Double check the taxes that you have to pay including FOB, CIF, pre-inspection charges, local transportation charges, customs clearance, shipping charges, insurance etc.


Once the deal is finalized, you will receive the Performa Invoice from the exporter in order to make the payment into their bank account.


The documents will be shipped once the payment is received. Documents include Bill of Lading (B/L), De-Registration Certificate, Customs Invoice, and inspection certificate.


The hard copies of the documents will be delivered once the car reaches the port of destination.


Once the car is clear from the customs, you can easily drive it on the roads of your country.


Buying a car through Japanese car exports isn’t a tough job. All you need to do is some proper research about the reliable exporters and be aware of the import rules and regulations of your country.



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