Auction Services

Auction Services

Used Japanese cars have gained immense admiration from dealers and buyers around the world along time and has resulted in increase of auction houses all over Japan. To meet our customer requirements, Prime Autos Japan purchases cars on behalf of its customers from top auction houses in Japan. All the cars bought by Prime Autos Japan go through the process of evaluation which is done by our experienced staff. Prime Autos Japan makes it possible for its customers to get the best car possible in the best lowest price and best quality by providing exceptional auction servces.

  • Bid on Customer's Behalf

    Prime Autos Japan not only provides you quality used cars from top auction houses, but also our experienced staff bids on your behalf in order to provide you with the best vehicle within your budget.

  • Detailed Auction Schedule

    We provide a detailed schedule of major auction houses of Japan, so our customers are updated on when the auction occurs and know when the cars are regularly updatedfor auctions.

  • Translated Auction Sheets

    Auction sheet is basically the most reliable and important document that states detailed information about the vehicle. However Prime Autos Japan provides translated auction sheets to make it easier for the customer to understand the condition of the car.

  • Access to Major Auction Houses

    Prime Autos Japan gives you the access to 120+ auction houses located in Japan. These auction houses deal in the sale of 145,000+ vehicles every week with dealers and buyers across the world providing top quality used Japanese cars.

  • Certified Inspection

    Our certified agents and team of inspection experts visits the physical location of the auction house and thoroughly inspects the car you bid for. Ensuring that if the car is same as it is stated in the online auction.

  • High Grade Cars

    Our inspection experts make sure that the car listed for auction is in good condition and is of a high grade which they recommend for our customers to maintain maximum customer satisfaction.

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