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SAA - Sapporo Auto Auction is known for providing well-maintained and good quality cars at their auctions along with a detailed auction sheet. It is located in the region of Hokkaido which is known for providing massive number of used cars for exports to the world. The auction house enjoys a good closing ratio due to active participation of domestic and international dealers.

Review the Auction Sheet to check:

  • To check for past repair jobs
  • To avoid any scam regarding the condition of vehicle
  • Registration date of the vehicle
  • Physical condition - Dents, scratches etc.
  • Interior condition of the vehicle
  • Details on any rust or corrosion
  • Engine condition or any fluid leaks etc.

AUCTION SITES OF Sapporo Auto Auction

Sapporo Auto Auction offers a single venue to its buyers. The venue is highly popular with regards to its location. Below are the details of its auction hall:

Auction Houses Day No of Units* Address
Sapporo Auto Auction Tuesday 400 1 - 3, Misatozuka, Kiyota - ku, Sapporo - shi, Hokkaido 04 0801 Hokkaido

* This is an estimated number of units listed every week in the respective auction houses.

Disclaimer: Prime Autos Japan only facilitates its customers in getting used cars from auction houses in Japan. We do not hold auctions on our own and/or anyone’s behalf. Every auction house listed on our website is a separate entity of its own.


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