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Understanding the Japanese Auction Sheet

An Insight on Japanese Auction Sheet

Whenever you are buying any vehicle from Japanese auctions you may have noticed an auction sheet that is provided to you. Auction sheet is basically the most reliable and important document that states detailed information of the unit (car). It covers all the information from unit name and model of the unit to scratches and major dents on it. Auction sheet is produced by professional inspectors, who works as an independent body, employed by the auction house to provide an unbiased auction report.

However, the auction sheets are in Japanese language which is not readable to foreign buyers. But that’s not an issue because Prime Autos Japan brings you this simple guide to help you understand the exact meaning of all the terms and symbols mentioned on the sheet. There may not be any uniformity in the auction sheets as some of the symbols vary from auction to auction. The main aspect of the auction sheet is that it needs to be accurate and truthful with any faults being clearly specified, else the auction house will be liable for distorting a car and will have to settle a claim if they have made a mistake.

Information About the Auction Sheet

Condition and Features of the Car

(1) Important notes written by the inspector (15) Interior grade
(2) Negative features on the vehicle (16) Exterior grade
(3) Detailed Vehicle Size (17) Vehicle history
(4) Details about the body condition of the car (18) Transmission/Shift
(5) Chassis/VIN number of the vehicle (19) Date of Inspection
(6) Auction number (20) Ac/Airconditioning
(7) Registration date (21) Mileage
(8) Model name (22) Fuel type
(9) Engine Size (23) Color
(10) Model Code (24) Color code
(11) Carrying capacity (25) Positive features of the car
(12) Weight (26) Vehicle options
(13) Seats (27) Steering
(14) Auction grade


The auction grade summarizes overall condition

S New
5 Same as new
4.5 Excellent grade with almost no issue
4 Great grade with minor issues only
3.5 Good grade with some issues that may need repair
3 Average grade with issues to fix
2 Bad grade
* Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved.
R or 0 Accident history/repaired. Repaired parts are mostly mentioned in auction sheet.
RA Minor accident repaired
RB Heavy repair
RC Pillar or frame has been changed/repaired
R2 Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue


Inside grade summarizes condition of the inside of the car

A Excellent interior condition
B Good condtion with some imperfections
C Good or average condition with imperfections
D Bad interior condition


Code used to indicate Manual or Automatic transmission

Manual F5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT
Automatic AT, FA, FAT


Body marks according to code

A1 Too small to mention
A2 Small Scratch
A3 Scratch
A4 Long Scratch
B1 Too small to mention
B2 Small Dent
B3 Dent
B4 Large Dent
U1 Too small to mention
U2 Small Dent
U3 Dent
U4 Large Dent
W Wavy
S Rust
C Corrosion
オーディオ欠 Audio Missing
BP Has Been Repaired
X Needs to be Repaired
XX Has been Replaced
Big (Kanji for "big")


Options of the car are marked with a circle

SR Sunroof
AW Alloy Wheel
PS Power Steering
PW Power Window
カワ or 革 Leather Seats
ナビ Navigation System
エアB Airbag


Prime Autos Japan provides its customers with the best services and to make the buying process as easy as possible, it provides translated auction sheets to customers around the world. Below are examples of the auction sheets used by the main auction houses with the key areas translated into English.

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