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Auction Overview

Japanese cars have gained huge popularity among the buyers in local as well as international auto industry. Exporters look forward for the fine and beautifully structured models, maintaining high quality at extremely affordable rates. Japanese cars have all the features any buyer would want in his vehicle. Moreover, it’s easy to purchase Japanese cars from anywhere in the world, all you need to do is visit our website, browse through a huge inventory of top-grade vehicles and place an order for your dream car.

Prime Autos Japan does not only offer buyers and customers to buy from the available stock, but also facilitates them to participate in live bid auctions of vehicles via our expert agents. We bid on your behalf, on your requested vehicle and keep you updated throughout the bidding process. Prime Autos Japan has the access to more than 120 auction houses located in Japan. These auction houses are located all over Japan and hold all types and brands of used vehicles, starting from hatchbacks to heavy trucks and from Toyota to Suzuki.

How can you participate in the auctions?

Initially, buyers had to visit the physical auction sites in order to participate in the bidding process to purchase their desired cars. However, now things have become more automated. Prime Autos Japan offers you to become a part of live bidding, while sitting at your home from anywhere in the world. You can put a request online to bid for your car on your behalf and then keep a track of the entire bidding process. Visit our Auction Order page to learn about the bidding process at Prime Autos Japan and get your desired car with the help of our expert agents.

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