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Prime Autos Japan's CSR Policy

  • For our customers

    Prime Autos Japan contributes towards the customers as well as towards the expansion of their business by keeping in mind customer's perspective within the pursuit of service that meets their potentials.

  • For our business partners

    Prime Autos Japan cultivates its business partners as well as its company by yielding with the laws and regulations, performing open and clear trades and by establishing the link of mutual trust.

  • For our employees

    At Prime Autos Japan we care about the happiness of our employees and their families throughout our business activities, by supporting them in personal gratification and having them take pride in working for the global society.

  • For the society

    As a Japanese entity, we at Prime Autos Japan participate in supportive and assistance activities by taking things into consideration as a global organization, making a commitment to the local and global society.

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